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Image courtesy of Navatu Dreams hotel, Siemreap

An independent British tour operator with over 15 years experience, Paul Greig Smith has often led wildlife tours and expeditions to remote corners of the globe. 

In 2007 he began creating herpetological expeditions.  
A keen supporter of responsibly managed ecotourism and conservation, he has worked with leading naturalists, herpetologists, biologists, researchers and global conservation organisations on projects to conserve and protect endangered habitats & species; alongside promoting environmental awareness and education, with his tours regularly receiving critical acclaim. 


His passion for the natural world is felt in each itinerary, ensuring clients enjoy off-the-tourist-route experiences that are remembered for years to come.  He is constantly reaching out to new operators for fresh and unique ideas.  


Dedicated to providing an exceptional travel experience, tailoring itineraries based on your interests and overseeing every aspect of travel door-to-door.  Let us take you to the most remote regions of our beautiful planet.  

Unsure where to start?  Drop us an email or complete our quick Pre-Trip Questionnaire for a completely free tailored itinerary.  

We give careful consideration to our partners, selecting unique & luxury hotels, knowledgeable guides and land operators.  Working together we support you throughout your vacation.  From bespoke travel, to group tours, wellness retreats, adventure and trekking vacations, cruises and more, Greig Smith Travels is your one-stop travel expert!

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We run a range of Herp Tours, from general aimed at "herpetophiles" to herpetological expeditions with a research focus.  

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Sail the splendid Mary Anne tallship, as you swim with Marine Iguanas and visit unique landscapes

Drop us an email or complete our quick Pre-Trip Questionnaire for a completely free tailored itinerary.  


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