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...  are probably the most famous wildlife-watching destination in the world.  And no wonder - it's almost impossible to exaggerate the sheer spectacle of the place that provided inspiration for Charles Darwin's groundbreaking theory of natural selection

Mark Carwardine, Zoologist, BBC TV Presenter, Environmentalist


A destination for everyone - birders, scuba-divers, adventurers, honeymooners, photographers and nature enthusiasts.


A bucket list, once-in-a-lifetime destination, the uninhabited and protected Galapagos National Park spans across 95% of the islands.  Full of unique flora, the islands teem with wildlife - many endemic to the islands.

Cruises vary from 4-15 days, with usually two island visits per day, whilst other activities can include snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and skiff rides.  Budget through to luxury yacht and traditional sail ships are available.

A land-based tour is also possible, island-hopping to different islands daily.  However, distances can be vast and most guests enjoy the liveaboard cruises.  

Most animals are visible all year round.  

Land species include lava lizards, giant tortoises, and land and marine iguanas, whilst sea lions and fur seals can be seen basking along the shorelines.  Jump in to snorkel or dive with tropical fish, sharks, rays and sea turtles.  Or time your trip and islands carefully to see whalesharks, orcas or whales.

Birdwatchers are in for a treat, with great and magnificent frigatebirds, flightless cormorants, Galapagos dove, greater flamingos, Nazca, red-footed, masked and blue-footed boobies!


  • One of our top destinations, we offer a myriad of sailing options for the Galapagos - usually intimate experiences with just 12-16 passengers.

  • Enjoy to travel on budget, mid-priced, or luxury cruises.

  • Below are just a couple of examples.  Please Contact Us to discuss dates, sailing routes and availability.  

  • We recommend to book early - usually more than a year in advance!


The Mary Anne is the perfect ship for those who love to travel by sail.  She has 1,000 m2 of canvas sails with which she majestically takes to the waves.  

This precious 3-masted barquentine, the only one of its kind in the islands, can accommodate up to 16 guests in her 4 double and 8 single cabins.

All cabins have private bathrooms with hot water and are designed with 1 double lower berth and a single upper berth. she also features 2 double cabins with lower berths.

All guest accommodations are located on the cabin deck. The main deck is complete with the dining room, kitchen, library, and entertainment center.

On the sun deck, you will find open-air seating, kayaks, storage, the bridge, and plenty of space for taking in the beautiful sights.

The vessel features a wood-paneled, comfortable lounge area with a cozy bar and ample sun decks as well as deck seating. The nine crew members and naturalist guide on board assure you of a high-end experience.


Exclusive 159ft/49mt four-deck yacht for 12 passengers.  Completely refurbished and adapted to cruise in Galapagos National Park.

Panoramic sky lounge and bar, original teakwood decks and Italian marble bathrooms.  All suites and staterooms with private bathrooms and air-conditioning.  VIP and MASTER suites have two bathrooms each.  Four ample exterior staterooms with private bathroom and bathtub.

Al fresco dining.

The crew-to-guest ratio is more than 1:1 & automatic stabilizers to minimize motion at sea.

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