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Inspirational Bespoke Wildlife Travel and Small Group Herp Adventures from a British tour operator, with over 15 years of experience.

Where Life Changing Journeys Begin

Small-group Herp Expeditions - hot sellers guaranteed to sell out!


Both educational and fun, our small-group herp trips are perfect whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced herper. 


Naturalist-guided gentle jungle hikes and nighttime treks, where you’re guaranteed to venture away from well-trodden tourism circuits in search of anything that moves. 


Often referred to as "life-changing", these trips immerse you in the natural world.

Bespoke Travel & Signature Tours


Prefer to travel solo or with your family?  Our bespoke tailor-made division is waiting to hear from you.

  • a list of animals you wish to see?  

  • a month in mind yet no idea where to go? 

  • looking for ‘something special’ but not purely animal-focused?  

…no problem, we’ll throw ideas at you until we hit the bullseye!


Search our massive database of expeditions and tours to gain ideas, but quite simply - until space tourism becomes the norm - nowhere is off our books!


Register your place with only £500 and balance due just two months prior to the trip.



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Sri Lanka

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Responsible Travel

We give careful consideration to our partners, selecting unique and luxury hotels, knowledgeable guides and land operators.  Working together we support you throughout your holiday.  Learn more.


Journey with Greig Smith Travels to remote wildlife-rich regions anywhere on our beautiful planet - with guided small groups or on tailor-made travel.


Scout deep in the rainforest for elusive bushmasters, tick off innumerable species of rattlesnakes in arid deserts, snorkel with sea lions, marine iguanas, or penguins, and watch platypus at play in hidden rivers, glimpse colourful Gila monsters, or explore the Amazon in search of jaguars.

And there’s more.  As our clients - many on their 3rd or 4th expedition - desire to explore further and expect more from each holiday, we turn to South America for birding adventures at the Argentine and Bolivia border and in the cloud forests of Ecuador.  To the beautiful Solomon Islands for rich sealife, to Patagonia for the plethora of wildlife that lives along the coastal regions of the Argentine Sea, and to Madagascar’s special reserves where blue-eyed lemurs roam free.

"Back from Costa Rica, heading to Arizona, and sign me up for Borneo next year."

WARNINGGroup Travel is addictive.

Searching for herps and wildlife is addictive fun!  You'll be booking your next trip before you get home, but don't take our word for it.  Check out what our clients have to say.

Greig Smith Travel Small Group HERP Tours

Greig Smith Travel Small Group HERP Tours

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