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Our Group Tours focus on unique wildlife or destination experiences, with usually 12-16 people, and led by knowledgeable local guides. 

Venture away from the well-trodden tourism circuits and experience immersive activities, interacting with local people in authentic settings.  


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GST Costa Rica Herping Tour

Jun 1st-11th | 1-st-16th 2019

!Last Few spaces Available!

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If you are involved in herpetoloculture, but have never actually been on a herp tour, then what are  you waiting for? There is no better way to learn about the natural world than to immerse yourself in it.  Indeed, there is no better way to inspire people to care about our planet and conservation than by taking a journey into the wild.


Herp Tours


Wildlife Photo Safaris


Lemurs, wild landscapes, village culture, beaches – Madagascar might be an island but there’s nothing small about it.

Whether you’re challenging yourself by hiking the Inca Trail or peering up into the canopy to search for jungle wildlife, this two-week trip throughout Peru is the ideal Incan-Amazon adventure. 

Imagine the rare opportunity to experience India’s greatest highlights and cruise the mighty Ganges River in one extraordinary adventure.

Tailor Made Tours

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Explore the beautiful island of Sri Lanka in search of its captivating wildlife.

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7 Night Komodo Adventure: Explore the fascinating island of Flores, in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province, with its striking and diverse landscape, idyllic white-sand beaches, traditional villages and friendly people, before heading to the neighbouring islands in search of the famous Komodo Dragon. 

Get in touch with the power of the Earth on this nine-day adventure packed with many of Ecuador’s must-see highlights.

Home to some of the most unforgettable landscapes, unique wildlife, and lush rainforests in the world, Costa Rica is used to being in the spotlight. 


Previous Expeditions

Philippines Wildlife Tour with Nigel Marvin

Greig Smith Travels led an expedition to the Philippines in 2016, helping to raise funds for conservation efforts to help save the critically endangered Palawan Forest Turtle. 

"It was great to hear from you Paul. I am very familiar with the trips that you organized with Gerry Martin and Rom Whitaker. I was incredibly impressed by the concept of the trip at the time.  It continues to inspire me today!"

Raymond Smith, Founder of Legends of the Wild 

"Congratulations on a thoroughly successful trip that exceeded all of my expectations" 

Rowland Griffin, Griffin Ecological, UK Herpetologist, Founder Project Chiccan, Indigo Expeditions


Madagascar Group Tours

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