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One of our favourite herping locations, Morocco lures us back again and again!

And our 2023 adventure has a strong snake focus, with a special guest joining midway through the tour:  a local snake tracker.  Listen as he explains how you can read and follow tracks in the sand, helping to improve your own spotting ability. 


Explore rugged landscapes led by our expert guide, assisted by a local herpetologist.

6 Nights/7 Days of as much wildlife exploration and photography as you can handle.

Search For...Puff Adders, Cerastes Cerastes, Cobras, Chameleons, Camel spiders & More.  


Contact us for a full list of the expected herps.

12-18 May 2023

Jump on to reserve your spot for just £500... with nothing more to pay until MAR 2023

To make a booking, contact

Tour Leader - Ayesha 

Ayesha Thompson has travelled on several adventures with Greig Smith Travels over the years and has more recently taken on the role of tour leader/guide.  She is well travelled and loves being able to share knowledge of the amazing wildlife she has encountered with anyone who will listen!


With a strong love for all varieties of animals, Ayesha has a particular passion for reptiles and amphibians, starting to keep and breed lizards over 20 years ago.  


Ayesha is a committee member of the Nottingham branch of the International Herpetological society and has given numerous talks about the herps of Madagascar, Peru, Malaysia and the Galapagos (to name just a few).


You don’t need to be a professional herper, you just need an appreciation for the outdoors, and a love of nature - but biologists, herpetologists also welcome! 


There’s something for everyone on these trips, with “life-changing” the words that often sums up the experience!

Local Herpetologist - Abedellah

In the country, you will be teamed up with  Abdellah Bouazzah - One of Morocco’s foremost herpetologists and wildlife specialists.


He is THE MAN when it comes to knowing the best places to search! 


This means your spot rate will be many times more than what it would be than if you were on your own - with him on board, you will find far more than you could have imagined and your photo reel will be bursting with eye-catching beauties!


Holding a PhD in Conservation Biology/Herpetology from University Ibn Zohir, Abdellah has been running HERP-focused tours in Morocco for many years and has devised the route for this tour.  

Joining Abdellah for a day will be a local snake tracker.  Together, they’ll explain how to read and follow tracks in the sand and most likely find a few slithering friends along the way!

Get a feel for the adventure here: and


If it's your first time to join a HERP trip, you can't go wrong in joining our Morocco trip. 


Short, budget priced, and with Agadir easily reachable by discount airlines... plus it's led by our down-to-earth guide, Ayesha... all you have to do is turn up and enjoy!

Reach out with your questions, for a copy of the day-by-day itinerary & inclusions, or for a list of the HERPS we hope to spot.  ...and of course, to reserve your spot!

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