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For all of us at Greig Smith Travels, holidays arent "just holidays". They represent those rare opportunities in life to completely forget about work and the pressures of modern life.  To spend quality time with family or friends and to reconnect with the natural world.  


Fundamental to our philosophy is that responsibly managed wildlife travel should ultimately help benefit the habitats visited, as well as the local people and wildlife that lives there. The conservation and protection of wildlife and the environment is therefore central to our vision. Responsibly managed ecotourism has the power to change lives and is one of the best ways to conserve endangered habitats and species. 


As destination specialists, we have travelled extensively, as well as led tours throughout our regions of expertise and we continue to do so.  We have a simple formula that works:  to only work with the very best people and properties throughout.  From our partners on the ground to the guides we use, to specialist wildlife experts, right up to the choice of the most appropriate hotels for you.

We believe in good old-fashioned ideals, such as being contactable by phone whenever you need us.  Technology is wonderful but reaching out to a real person whenever you need someone can't be beaten!

We're available 24/7, 365 days a year thru our emergency number.




Entrepreneur, podcaster, public speaker, business mindset & group tour leader!!  ...but happiest wading thru the Amazon in search of creepy crawlies!

More than 15 years experience running and owning travel companies, Paul has led global wildlife group tours and expeditions.  His passion for the natural world and conservation is matched by his passion for personal development.  A fervent believer in the restorative & rejuvenating benefits of time in nature, Paul's trips have become renowned for their life changing impact on participants.

Kartikey G.



Kartikey is an enigmatic character and within a span of 7 years he's pushed himself to new heights. 

He started his marketing career during his graduation and soon after college shifted to Direct Response Marketing. 

Now Kartikey is spearheading Greig Smith Travels to develop our marketing initiatives using old-school marketing techniques that's been working for more than two centuries. 

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