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We love nature and are pleased to offer you this once in a lifetime experience on a naturalist adventure in Costa Rica with Nigel Marven & Johan Fernandez.

Looking for reptiles and amphibians in Costa Rica is an extraordinary experience.

They are present in all habitats and in every level of the forest. They range in size from the huge sea turtles to fingernail-sized frogs.  As a small country, Costa Rica is perfect for a herp tour and especially due to its great diversity.


The herpetofauna of Costa Rica is one of the best known and most studied in the Neotropics with over 400 documented species of amphibians and reptiles including 14 species of turtles, more than 200 species of snake, about 70 species of lizard, and 2 species of crocodile, 130 species of frog, 37 of salamander (the group with the highest endemism), and 4 of caecilian. The total of endemic species consist of 44 species of amphibians and 17 of reptiles.

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"In my career as a presenter and producer of wildlife films, I've been to many places but keep coming back to Costa Rica.  Johan has shown me some of Costa Rica's amazing creatures and I can't wait to join him again on this special adventure."


British wildlife TV presenter, naturalist, conservationist, author, and television producer. Nigel is best known as the presenter of BBC miniseries Chased by Dinosaurs, its sequel, Sea Monsters, as well as the ITV miniseries Prehistoric Park.

Wild Costa Rica with Nigel Marven
22nd November - 2nd December 2022

  • Costa Rica's fauna is rich and abundant, making the country one of the 20 countries with the highest biodiversity in the world.

  • Known for its wet habitats - cloud and rainforests.  National Parks are home to more than 500,000 species - representing nearly 5% of the total species estimated worldwide.

  • You're guaranteed to spot mammals such as howler monkeys, bats and perhaps tapirs.  Keep eyes alert for snakes such as eyelash palm pit vipers, the elusive bushmaster, fer-de-lance, and more.  Look up to spot scarlet & great-green macaws, keel-billed toucans, and colourful quetzals.

  • And the frogs... they are everywhere!  Red-eyed tree frogs, blue jeans poison dart frogs, glass frogs, cane toads, and more!

  • And on this trip you'll have the chance to encounter spectacled caimans, basilisk lizards, tarantulas, rainbow grasshoppers and green iguanas.   

Can't make the dates?  Reach out for a tailormade Costa Rica holiday or jump on our small group trip running in May 2023!

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