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Wildlife of the Philippines Tour with TV naturalist
Nigel Marven
Would you like to be part of something special?

if you have been seeking your next big adventure...


then this may well be just the thing your looking for….






If you crave a life well lived,

if you crave escape from the routine of your life,

if you have a deep yearning for adventure,

if your on a mission to make your life as wonderful and exciting as it can be,

if you want the satisfaction that comes from looking at yourself in the mirror,  knowing that you seized all of life’s incredible opportunities that came your way.

Then this is exactly the kind of experience your looking for….


Message from the Director:

Hi there and thank you for visiting our website. Chances are you clicked here for a reason, therefore I shall get straight to the point. This trip is not for everyone, only a select few, that might be you - thats for you to decide.


Here at Greig Smith Travels, we sell a range of different holidays from luxury tailor made travel to wildlife and adventure tours

But wait - this isn’t a standard “pitch” - bear with me...


This trip is special however, (sure Im biased) and I will tell you why


This company is born out of my passion. I don’t like just “selling holidays”. I love to create experiences, the kind of experiences you never forget, the kind of experiences that make you feel alive, the kind of experiences that become part of who you are, that become part of your story.


For me, as I get older, the value of my time increases. More and more, I don’t want to waste any time. Time is more valuable than money and as each day passes I’m acutely aware that thats one more day out of my one precious life…. gone.


So the older I get, the more carefully I choose how to spend my time. As I travel through this journey of life, I’ve realised that accumulating more and more things and “stuff” doesn’t make me happy. Rather, its the people I meet and connect with, and the memories I create along the way, for me and other people. This is what living is. Writing your own story and trying to make it the best it can be, trying to make it as interesting as possible, have as much fun as possible and try and lead a good and meaningful life.


So what has this got to do with the trip? I hear you ask…...




This trip is not “just” a holiday


This trip is for you if...


- You want to learn first hand, how Nigel Marven turned his passion for wildlife and adventure into a way of life that saw him create dozens of natural history documentaries


- You want to come face to face with some of nature’s most inspiring miracles, from the small tarsier to the whale shark


- You feel that wilderness is therapy. That nothing nourishes your soul and leaves you feeling more alive than immersing yourself in the beauty of the natural world.


- You love exploring the natural world with like minded people


-You feel inspired in the natural world


- You have never lost that childlike sense of awe and wonder at nature


  - You want freedom from worry - we take care of all the little details - so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and focus on the wildlife


- You love adventure and photography and can’t get enough of wildlife, stunning scenery and landscapes


- You don’t let golden opportunities pass you by


- You want to satisfy that deep yearning for adventure that won’t go away 


- You want to add to your memory bank, the kind of experience that makes you smile when you look in the mirror and say “THAT was awesome, I’m so glad I did that"


- At the end of every holiday, you say to yourself “what next?"


- You want a life less ordinary, one that is extraordinary and you realise that its up to YOU to make it happen



If any of that resonates with you, don’t just take our word for things, check out the comments below from people who have experienced our trips…..



"You should be applauded for providing a satisfying, sustainable and professional ecotourism experience and be proud to have directly influenced greater conservation movements. I would highly recommend your expeditions.."

Dr. Todd Lewis B.Sc. AIBiol. (Senior Ecological Consultant)”. UK


"Dear Paul, We are just back from our trip, and I have to tell you, it was absolutely marvellous. Nothing went wrong, and apart from a few very minor niggles, everything was perfect"

Dr Dinah Bisdee, UK,


"UK-based Greig Smith Travels specialises in ecotourism and wildlife holidays. Naturepixel has been on three expeditions organised by Greig Smith Travels and each of them has been outstanding"

Daniel Holloway - Australia,Naturepixel,


“Thanks Paul, Was a great trip!
looking forward to catching up"
Nish Kukadia
CEO Secret Sales


"Let's hope Gerry and Paul can crank up this kind of work to full gear!"

Romulus Whitaker, (legendary wildlife conservationist)


 "It was great to hear from you Paul. I am very familiar with the trip that you organized with Gerry Martin and Rom Whitaker. I was incredibly impressed by the concept of the trip at the time. It continues to inspire me today!"

Raymond Smith, Founder of Legends of the Wild


“All in all, a spectacular holiday!”

Charles Carey UK,


"Lovely to meet you as well and looking forward to the next trip. Cheers"

Sandesh Kadur,


Thanks also to Paul Greig Smith for making all our arrangements. Overall a trip to remember for a very long time”

Tony Yeshin, UK


“The whole trip was utterly amazing, a most memorable experience in every way, thank you Paul”

Susan Pullman, UK


"For us it was a holiday of a lifetime only possible because of Paul's dedication and genuine caring for our needs and wants. Paul, thank you again.”

Nicola D’Annunzio UK


"Dear Paul, 

..Really the excellent service continued right up until the end... Not sure where our travels will take us next year but be sure that we will continue to recommend you to all and sundry."

Alasdair and Nicola Boyle UK


Paul, Thank you so much!! “THE best holiday yet!! Cant wait to tell you all about it....Holiday was second to none, keep up the excellent work!’

Julie Michalski (Costa Rica)


"An Incredible bespoke travel company”

Abigail Michalski,


"Congratulations on a thoroughly successful trip that exceeded all of my expectations"

Rowland Griffin, Griffin Ecological, UK, Founder Project Chicano, Indigo Expeditions


“The best ever trip of my life! Paul made the arrangements very simple and easy, in fact i actually didnt have to do anything. When I got over to India all the people were very friendly and the food was brilliant. Gerry went out of his way to make sure we had the best trip possible trip and we saw an unbelievable amount of animals. I would highly recommend Paul and Gerrys trips to any wildlife enthusiast”

Fionn Huggard, UK


“I would like to express to you my sincerest of than you’s. The India & Andaman trip was, without a shadow of a doubt the most amazing experience of my life. I cant imagine that a trip such as this was an easy thing to organise. You, however certainly made it look so. Everything ran as smoothly as possible with no complications at all. Thanks again, from an extremely satisfied customer.”

Chris Young, UK


Excellent Experience! Please keep me informed of future trips, many thanks to Paul”

P. C. Roberts, UK


The trip was awesome!!. Thanks for everything and awesome job amigo :)”

Sheriyar Bokhari, Spain


“Paul has been taking care of all my holidays since 2007. Not only does his company provide an excellent service, but they are genuinely committed to ensuring you have the trip of a lifetime. They go the extra mile to ensure your holiday is as good as it can possibly be and nothing is too much trouble for them. Its refreshing to find a company like this that really knows their stuff and I wouldn’t travel with anyone else. They have such an inspiring range of trips that its enough to keep you coming back for a lifetime and its the reason why I keep coming back year on year”

Steve Lloyd, Ashford Cleaning Contractors, UK,


“Thanks Paul for all your work organizing the wildlife trip to Thailand, I had the time of my life! The whole trip from start to finish was amazing so thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes putting it all together! I'd also like to thank Gerry Martin for sharing his expertise with us, without both you guys the trip just wouldn't've been the same!"

Barry Potts, (UK)


"Thailand was my second trip with Paul & Gerry, all I can say was I didn't think a Holiday could get any better, Paul seriously knows how to plan a brilliant trip!..... Without Paul’s brilliant planning I would probably never of had the opportunity to see some of the wildlife and scenery at its best!".

Robin van Ameijde (Scotland)


“I hope you enjoyed David as much as he loved this life changing trip. It was so overwhelmingly awesome for him – being with people like himself who love what he loves, and can teach him even more. It was worth every penny and so much more. We are so happy that we could give David an experience and an adventure that he will never forget! Thanks for all your help. I haven’t even gotten to hear all about it yet, and feel his overwhelming joy from the trip. Thanks Again!”

Lynda Mead, USA


“Hi Paul. Many thanks for this. I had a fantastic time - best holiday ever in fact. Am now off work for the next 2 months trying to sort out a more rewarding third career! At least the weather's good... Catch up soon and looking forward to the pics Thanks again for all your hard work in putting together an amazing holiday Best wishes”

Dr Nicholas Smith, UK


if you’ve made it this far - well done!


Now would you like to see the trip...




In addition to trekking, snorkeling and diving in one of the most beautiful regions of the world, we will meet up with researchers from the Katala Institute for Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation (KIEBC) and the Philippine Freshwater Turtle Conservation Program (PFTCP) and learn first hand about their important conservation work.


If you have a passion for adventure and the natural world, join us as we explore some of the most incredibly beautiful natural landscapes and seascapes on the planet, in search of a whole range of incredible wildlife, from whale sharks to tarsiers and much more! This is one trip you don’t want to miss!


One of the islands we will explore is Palawan, rated by National Geographic Traveler magazine as the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia region in 2007 and no 1 island in the world by readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine in 2014.




16th Oct: Depart for Manila.


Day 1, 17th Oct:
Arrival in Manila

Arrival on different flights*.
Transfer to the hotel.
Dinner on own.
Overnight at the Amelie Hotel Manila – deluxe


Day 2, 18th Oct:
Manila - Naga
Meals: B
Transfer to airport. Fly from Manila to Naga on PR2265 0840-0930

Upon arrival, your driver will transfer you to the hotel.

Wildlife Tour activity c/o Paul and Nigel. We will explore local habitats in search of Philippine Cobra's as well as birdlife with local wildlife experts.
Overnight at the Avenue Plaza Hotel – Superior Twin


Day 3, 19th Oct:
Meals: B
Wildlife Tour activity c/o Paul and Nigel. We will explore local habitats in search of Philippine Cobra's as well as birdlife with local wildlife experts.
Overnight at the Avenue Plaza Hotel – Superior Twin


Day 4, 20th Oct:
Naga – Manila – Bohol
Meals: B
Transfer to the airport. Fly from Naga to Manila on PR 2266 0950-1040 -  Fly from Manila – Bohol on PR 2777 1440-1600

 Upon arrival, your driver will transfer you to the resort.
Overnight at the Oasis Resort Panglao – deluxe garden


Day 5, 21st Oct:
Meals: B L
This is the best dolphin and whale watching experience in the Philippines. Drive to the pier. Board your private boat. Your local guides are the former hunters of dolphins, Bryde's Whales, whale sharks and manta rays of Pamilacan Island. They abandoned the centuries-old hunting tradition and participate in the new alternative livelihood program promoting their conservation through responsibly managed eco tourism. They now serve as stewards of the sea. Enjoy an unforgettable day on the water.

Return to Bohol and drop off at your hotel.


Overnight at the Oasis Resort Panglao – deluxe garden


Day 6, 22nd Oct:
Meals: B L
Your guide and driver will meet you at the resort at 0800. Drive to the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary.


This is a forested area in the public domain of approximately 134 hectares between the municipalities of Corella and Sikatuna. Trek through the forest to the viewing deck. There is also a bat cave worth checking. We will spend around three hours trying to spot the tarsiers. The Philippine tarsier is a very peculiar small animal. It is one of the smallest known primates, no larger than an adult men's hand. Mostly active at night, it lives on a diet of insects.


Drive to Loboc. Enjoy a relaxing cruise with lunch on the Loboc River before visiting the Bohol Habitat Conservation Center and the Chocolate Hills.
Return to the hotel.
Overnight at the Oasis Resort Panglao – deluxe garden


Day 7, 23rd Oct:
Bohol – Cebu City – Puerto Princesa
Meals: B
Transfer to the port of Tagbilaran. Board the Oceanjet at 0820. Arrival in Cebu City at 1020
Transfer to the airport
Fly from Cebu to Puerto Princesa on 5J227 1335-1450 
Meet your driver and guide upon arrival. Proceed to Hotel and check-in.

Drive to toIrawan Watershed for some afternoon wildlife watching, particularly looking for Palawan discoglossid frog Barbourulabusuangensis and other endemic species. This is a chance to look for mammals and birds around this beautiful lowland forest.

Proceed to Firefly Watching Tour in Iwahig River. Taking place just before dusk, this tour allows you to get closer to nature and, in particular, the dazzling and flickering insects known as "Fireflies" or "Lighting Bugs"You will be driven to Baker's Hill, where you will have a light dinner before going on to the river.
At the river you will transfer in to paddle boats, which will take you up a 10-meter wide stretch of the Mangrove perimeter. The River tour will last approximately 30-45 minutes.
Fireflies live in abundance amongst the mangroves and trees, which are perfectly situated along the banks of the Sicsican and Iwahig Rivers.


Not only is the firefly viewing an incredible experience, but when the night sky is clear of clouds, the canopy of bright stars against a pitch black night sky is breathtaking 

Return to the hotel.
Overnight at Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham – premium room –beachview


Day 8, 24th Oct:
Cleopatra’s Needle
Meals: B L D
Drive to Cleopatra’s Needle. Meet  with the local Batak tribe. Interact with the Bataks about Ethnobiology and hunting practices using traditional knowledge.


Cleopatra’s Needle shelters most of the unique wildlife wonders of Palawan including the Palawan horned frog, Palawan toadlet, Palawan rock frog, Palawan narrowdisk gecko, Palawan caecilian and more. Overnight camping


*For those who do not wish to camp, their is the option of returning to a hotel in the evening - please enquire for details at the time of booking.


Day 9, 25th Oct:
Cleopatra’s Needle
Meals: B L D
Full day in the lowland forest of Cleopatra’s Needle. Overnight camping

*For those who do not wish to camp, their is the option of returning to a hotel in the evening - please enquire for details at the time of booking.


Day 10, 26th Oct:
Cleopatra’s Needle – Sabang
Meals: B
Leave camp and proceed to Sabang. Proceed to Puerto Princesa City Underground River National Park. Birdwatching en-route.
Check-in hotel. Break in mid afternoon. Resume birdwatching and wildlife watching in the afternoon. Look for Palawan scops-owl, Palawan frogmouth, Palawan forest turtle, frogs and lizards in Liyang Forest.

Overnight at the Sheridan – Superior Garden View


Day 11, 27th Oct:
Meals: B

After breakfast early morning boat ride to Puerto Princesa Underground River -  one of the new wonders of the world - the Unesco World Heritage site - The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Na/onal Park which features a spectacular limestone karst landscape with its underground river and cave system. The area also represents a significant habitat for biodiversity conserva/on and is filled with a a multitude of bat species and giant reticulated pythons .


After the boat ride, search for Palawan peacock-pheasant, Palawan water monitor, Tabon scrub fowl, Palawan blue flycatcher and more.  Break at midday and resume in the afternoon to continue the search for other wildlife. Visit a nearby mangroves looking for more wildlife.

Night walk to look for other elusive species like Palawan bearcat.

Return to the hotel.

Overnight at the Sheridan – Superior Garden View


Day 12, 28th Oct:
Meals: B
At leisure

Overnight at the Sheridan – Superior Garden View


Day 13, 29th Oct:
Sabang - Puerto Princesa – Manila
Meals: B D
Free morning. Check out at noon. Transfer to the airport. Lunch at Puerto Princesa


Fly from Puerto Princesa to Manila on PR 2786 1510-1630  Meet your guide and driver. Transfer to the hotel.
Evening farewell dinner at the Bayleaf Hotel.
Overnight at the Bayleaf Hotel – superior



Day 14, 30th Oct:
Meals: B
Check out at noon.


Transfer to the airport*. Fly home

End of the program 


*Greig Smith Travels reserves the right to alter the itinerary subject to, but not limited to, conditions on the ground, weather etc





£2499 per person sharing 



CALL US NOW ON 0333 1234 246 OR





- All transfers and transport as per the program
-- All accommodation as per program (based on double sharing room)

- Station guides in
Bohol on:
Day 5 – specialist whale and dolphin guide Day 6 – tarsier guide
Palawan on day 7-13 – naturalist guide

- meals as mentioned (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)
- All entrance fees
- domestic flights as per itinerary

- Specialist guide/escort from UK


- Air tickets international (we will be holding a set number of flights - enquire for details - currently at £580 per person in economy class with Etihad - subject to change & availability)
- Insurance
- Personal expenses
- All drinks
- Visa fees and/or visa authorization
- Tips
- Porterage Fee
- Other expenses that not mentioned on the itinerary 



10 Great reasons to join us...

  • You will be inspired like never before. We passionately believe that one of the best ways to inspire people about the natural world and to get them interested in conservation - is to take them into the natural world.

  • By joining this trip you will be helping us make a direct contribution to the vital work of the Katala foundation in their efforts to conserve the critically endangered Palawan forest turtle.

  • You will get back in touch with nature and learn wildlife tracking skills from the Batak tribe.

  • You will be able to learn all about Nigel Marven’s wildlife documentary making adventures from around the world 

  • Our trips have been known to change peoples lives….check out the feedback below

  • You need a holiday! But not all holidays are the same. Our trips are the perfect combination of wildlife viewing, exploration, relaxation & fun.

  • You will make lasting friendships…. that will most likely last a lifetime.

  • Wilderness is therapy. Absolutely nothing is better for the soul than getting out in the natural world. And exploring some of the most beautiful locations on the planet will leave you feeling more rejuvenated and alive than ever.

  • You don’t have to rough it. Who said you have to rough it on a wildlife tour anyway? Far from it, we have selected some really nice little hotels in some incredible locations. So that at the end of the day, you can relax in comfort.

  • Our wildlife trips are for pretty much everyone with a serious passion for wildlife and the natural world. You don’t have to be a biologist or researcher or a student - as long as you have a passion for wildlife and the natural world, then our trips are definitely for you.




Just some of the places we will visit and stay at. Images above courtesy of Oasis Resort Pangalao & Sheridan Beach Resort, Sabang.

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