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Would you like to win a warm holiday in India to see the Taj Mahal and Tigers in the Wild? (of course you would..)


Seeing Tigers in the wild is right up at the top of most peoples bucket lists and rightly so.


Coming close to these majestic cats is a thrilling experience and one that will last in your memory for the rest of your life.


What if your chances of winning were far greater than you could possibly imagine?


What if, your odds of actually winning, were the best odds you've ever had?


"But I can't travel during the prize dates" or maybe you've been to India before, then imagine being able to gift your prize to a loved one, a family member or a friend perhaps...


Giving the gift of travel, giving someone cherished memories, giving them a chance to fulfil their dream of seeing tigers in the wild


How good that would feel?



Whatever holiday you have in mind, be it a luxury trip, family holiday or wildlife adventure, If you've been looking around, trying to find the right company  to help you realise your travel dreams, then you have come to the right place.


We don't like to sell "normal"  holidays. Rather we help people create their own perfect memories. With tailor made holidays we make it our mission, to take that idea you have in your mind, your vision of a perfect holiday and we help make it happen (and we look after you at every step of the way).


A holiday shouldn't be  “just a holiday", when it can be so much more than that.  It represents a rare opportunity, to completely forget about work and the pressures of the modern life and to spend quality time with family or friends and to reconnect with whats important to you.


Back to the competition....


 If your going to book a holiday for anytime from now through all of 2017, would you rather...


A) Book it with any random company and not be in with your best chance ever of winning a dream holiday (or gifting it to a loved one if you win) 




B) Book it with a small family run business that makes it their mission to ensure that you will have the best holiday possible AND enter their prize draw with the best odds you will ever have of winning a dream holiday (and having the option of gifting it to a loved one)


Imagine if you will, that you enter the competition and you actually won the holiday.... now that would be incredible, wouldn't it?


How good would that feel?


Now even if you don't win the prize, you will still get to have an incredible holiday that comes with having booked it with us in the first place, so its a WIN/WIN situation.


Here's the thing, because we are a small company in an industry dominated by big business (little fish in a world of big fish) we simply can't compete with the larger companies on advertising  spend or paying to be on the first page of google.


That means we have to work twice as hard to win you over AND keep you happy.


It means all our focus is on getting it right for you.


In this age of technological advancement and instant communications, we find it ironic that when it comes to many holiday companies, they may have fancy websites and sophisticated booking systems that are great at taking your money. Yet when there are any issues or problems, you're lucky if you can find a phone number, let alone actually get through to anyone for help.


We're a little old fashioned in that sense. We prefer to talk to you on the phone, helping you at every step of the way, from planning your trip, right through  to whilst you are away on holiday.


Giving you that priceless piece of mind, knowing that you are in good hands.


 And if you need help while you are away, you can reach us 24 hours a day!


If you would like help in making your next holiday one of your best yet and if you would like to learn more details about how you could be in with your best chance of winning the "Taj & Tiger" holiday,

simply enter your details below:

Your details were sent successfully!

Scroll down to see previous winners as well as testimonials from clients from some of the best holidays they have ever experienced organized by us.


Furthermore, with many of our competitions, on average we only get around 20 people in each competition - meaning your odds of actually winning might be 1 in 20?


So for full details of how to enter the competition,

enter your contact details above along with your holiday enquiry details and we will send you the prize draw entry information, T&C's along with a quotation for your holiday.


Remember, if your going to book a holiday in 2017,

you might as well book it with us

AND be in with a chance another dream holiday at the same time


Enter your details now for further information about how to enter.


*We email updates to all entrants so you know how good your odds are!

 Mark & Michele Gravenor  won a luxury holiday in Indochina in 2016, below is her response to winning....

David Hall and Fiona Russell won a luxury Galapagos cruise in 2016, below is David's response to winning....

Previous winners....

Mr Benjamin Hall (far left) won a Galapagos cruise, Mrs Sarah Arden (middle) won a luxury holiday to Vietnam and Mr Oliver Miller & Kate Bohne won their luxury honeymoon in Thailand (far right image)

This is what Kate & Oli had to say about winning their dream honeymoon


"Our honeymoon couldn't have been more special. Greig Smith travels had gone the extra mile on all aspects of the trip. Everything was perfectly organised and coordinated, everyone knew it was a special holiday and treated us as such. Each and every location was perfect in its own way and we can't wait to spread the positive word about this company, and at the first opportunity we get, to book another!


Thank you again so much, we had a fantastic time!"


Oli and Kate Miller


Additional success stories:



"Rondell and I wanted to say thank you for organising our beautiful honeymoon! Everything ran so smoothly and the tour guides were brilliant- really knowledgeable - we feel we've learnt so much!

Words can't articulate how much we enjoyed our trip, truly an unforgettable experience and one that we will always treasure"

Anna Renee & Rondell Wanza, UK 


"you have given us the best holidays of our lives".

Iain Mackay, UK

“ An Incredible bespoke travel company” 

Abigail Michalski Food Content & Community Manager -The Jamie Oliver Group


“As I said, we both had a great time and it's right up there as one of the best holiday experiences we've had!”

Clint Evans & Sally Kettle (read about Sally's Galapagos trip below)

"Hi Paul,

We returned just over a week ago from our wonderful trip to India and it seems like a distant memory already!  We were pleased that we went for Shimla, Rajasthan and Kerala, although were very glad to reach the relative tranquility of Kerala after a fortnight in Rajasthan. ....Our favourite hotels were Shapurah Bagh, which is a beautiful place and we met the owners every night before dinner. .....Thanks so much for organising it for us and we hope to be in touch with more plans some time in the future.   Meanwhile we will keep on recommending fact we did pass your details on to a few couples we met along the way, so I hope you hear from them.

Best regards,Penny & Richard Dupre

“Thanks Paul, Was a great trip!

looking forward to catching up"

Nish Kukadia

CEO Secret Sales

“All in all, a spectacular holiday!”

Charles Carey UK,

"Driver/guide (Dani) was one of the best ever experienced; courteous, knowledgeable most relaxed driving and obliging, Vehicle was always immaculately clean and felt safe all the time. Excellent in all aspects; Managed from initial inquiry through booking and finally return home with efficiency and attention to detail often beyond expectations. We know that the idea is to grow business but please don’t let that be a reason to lose the perfect personalised service you currently have.

Barry Clare UK (Madagascar trip)

“ thank you for organising a diverse and interesting experience with a marvellous infrastructure second to none. Your ground agents and wider team are a real credit to you and certainly excelled on our previous experiences with both Transindus and Audley........I am have already been already been singing your praises re your excellent services and look forward to recommending more business whenever possible for you.

With very warm wishes and many thanks from both of us”

Dr Susan Oliver OBE. UK

"Dear Paul

We are just back from our trip, and I have to tell you, it was absolutely marvellous. Nothing went wrong, and apart from a few very minor niggles, everything was perfect"

Dr Dinah Bisdee, UK,

"Our trip was magical, everything you could ask from a honeymoon, our two different locations covered everything we could want. Week one in a beautiful tropical island with amazing food and relaxing beaches and then a week of fun city adventures in Kuala Lumpur. I cannot recommend Greg Smith Travels enough. Anyone organising a wedding will know just how much it takes over your life, so to be able to have a great company take over and organise our perfect trip was fantastic.

Many thanks to Paul and all the team at Greig Smith Travels.’

Mrs Lucy Wilson, UK

“The whole trip was utterly amazing, a most memorable experience in every way, thank you Paul”

Susan Pullman, UK

"If I had to sum up the trip in a couple of words it would simply be 'blown away. You really nailed it. To every detail. Not a thing was missed or not thought of. From the pick ups to the late check outs to the temples to the cooking. We will never forget this trip for the way we truly experienced the real culture of both Cambodia and Vietnam….....Again the planning, tours, timing, friendliness of guides and just overall itinerary was excellent.  Not a thing went wrong, and we loved every minute of it.

A huge thank you to you, and your team, and the guides for this trip.  The fact that you and your team go out and vet these hotels and do the tours just makes all the difference and makes the holiday stand out from anything we have ever experienced. 

Well done, Thank you and I’ll be in touch to organize the trip for 2016 very soon"

Sanjay & Ruby Hunjan, UK


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