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Sir Richard Branson Is Heading Down The World's Largest Sinkhole... a Submarine!

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Off the coast of Belize, The Great Blue Hole, is a magnet for scuba divers. They descend to a maximum of 130 ft, so what lies beneath remains a mystery. In steps Sir Richard Branson - him of the Virgin Group - having already attempted the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing by sea, completed a hot air balloon Atlantic crossing and holds the fastest crossing of the English Channel in an amphibious vehicle. ...this month he'll be diving by submarine right to the bottom of the sinkhole all to raise awareness about protecting our oceans, joined by ocean conservationist and film maker Fabien Costeau. Describing it as "planetary inner space" the expedition will be screened live and broadcast around the world on the Discovery Channel.

Read more here: CNN Travel, posted 30th Nov 2018



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