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Manu is home to no less than eight Amerindian tribal groups as well as native highland Quechua speaking communities and immigrant colonists (mestizos), all of whom make up the population of about 18000 people. The tribes, such as the Machiguenga, Queros, Shintuya, Piro and the Harakmbet, although invaded over their history at different times by Inca Indians, Spanish Conquistadores and Victorian rubber kings, have remained largely protected due to the remote location of Manu and by the presence of protective native tribes some of which still remain isolated today from other human contact.

The immigrant settlers arrived in the 1930`s with the hope of starting a positive  and fruitful new life in the rainforest. They were originally attracted to the region by the opportunity to make a living from the traditions of mining, logging and slash and burn agriculture, which over time have shown to not be sustainable. crees sustainable community initiative works closely with these locals to create sustainable livelihoods that do not depend on destructive practices.




Recommended Kit List:


Wellington Boots 

Flip flops

T-shirts, cotton shirts and a light sweatshirt




Trousers & shorts

Waterproof raincoat/poncho

Thick insoles 

Sunhat/Cap/Bandana/UV sunglasses



Head torch & spare bulbs


Biodegradable allpurpose soap and shampoo

Large travel towel

Sun cream 

Water bottle 

Basic First Aid kit 

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