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Looking for reptiles and amphibians in Costa Rica is an extraordinary experience.

They are present in all habitats and in every level of the forest. They range in size from the huge sea turtles to fingernail-sized frogs.  As a small country, Costa Rica is perfect for a herp tour, especially because of its great diversity.


The herpetofauna of Costa Rica is one of the best known and most studied in the Neotropics with over 400 documented species of amphibians and reptiles including 14 species of turtles, more than 200 species of snake, about 70 species of lizard, and 2 species of crocodile, 130 species of frog, 37 of salamander (the group with the highest endemism), and 4 of caecilian. The total of endemic species consist of 44 species of amphibians and 17 of reptiles.

10 Nights | 15 Nights 
1st-11th | 1st-16th June 2019

Day and Night Herping Activities - led by Erick Ballestero. 


Erick has a degree in Tropical Biology and a Master

Degree in Biology.


He is an active researcher and some of his works are related with Agalychnis callidryas (Red Eye Tree Frog) in reproductive ecology.


He has also worked monitoring the diversity of herpetofauna in the dry forest, the effect of pesticides in highland species and their immune response.


His most recent research projects are related to the declining of the amphibian populations in the country and the effect of pathogens on several frog species.  


Since 2009 he has been working in Clodomiro Picado Institute, one of the most prestigious research centers of snakes in America as a researcher and teacher.

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Madagascar 2018 Tour

This fantastic herping tour is a 16-day feast of adventures!

Braulio Carrillo - Many scientists report Braulio Carrillo to be one of the finest and most productive places in Costa Rica for reptiles and amphibians. One of the few places where the elusive Bushmaster Snake, the second largest poisonous snake in the world, can be found.

Le Selva Biological Reserve - The list of herps in La Selva includes 48 amphibian species and 87 species of reptiles, many of these species will be seen along forest trails or in clearings nearly every day.

Clodomiro Picado Institute - The research center, established in 1970 as research unit of the Universidad de Costa Rica, is responsible for the production of snake anti ophidic serums and scientific research on serpents and their venoms.  In the institute scientists raise the deadly reptiles to harvest their venom, the key ingredient in the massive quantities of life-saving antivenom produced by the institute each year from some 800 snakes. This way the institute manufactures 100,000 doses of snake antivenom, which is sold for human and veterinary use throughout the Americas as well as Africa, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Taiwan.

Palo Verde Research Centre - Home to 55 species of reptiles and amphibians, and the Tempisque river has the largest concentration of crocodiles in Costa Rica.  Palo Verde is one of the top places for birdwatching in Costa Rica

Parque Nacional Carara - Herpetologists have documented 39 amphibian and 65 reptile species, specially the lowlands of the park,  that contains the highest species richness. Its high diversity comes from its geographical position, a transitional assemblage located in the middle of the country's lowlands.

Highlands - The highest peaks of Costa Rica have been isolated for thousands of years. As a result, this is the region with the highest endemism in the country.  You will travel from the lowlands to the highlands, and stop at different altitudes to compare the variety of herpetofauna along the way.

Osa Region/Piedras Blancas National Park -  Located in the south Pacific of the country, is maybe the richest area for animal diversity in the country. Its diversity represent up to 50 percent of the species known to exist in Costa Rica.

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